Friday, 22 July 2011


One of my parents' properties was featured in a book called "Old Ontario Houses" a few years ago. The first thing that struck me as interesting was the beauty of the workmanship. The lofty gables and the beautiful fascade of each of the buildings illustrated the beautiful workmanship of that era.

The quality of work that I do is the same but the way I work is very different from when I first started quilting. Although I love hand applique, it is now a luxury. Getting samples finished and out the door is the main goal. Machine applique and quilting rule the process. I have committed some time to doing more hand applique this year. I believe that it will bring me a different sort of inspiration and calm in an otherwise crazy, fast life! Are you looking to do more hand applique [or other forms of craft] or are you looking to do more machine work so that you can get more things finished?



  1. Hi Linda! I do both. Depending on my inner mood. I am working on a Hawaiian quilt...very rewarding handwork, I must say. I have some rules about machining. I love vintage hand-pieced blocks~ no machining on those. New project tops I do by machine get machine quilted. Have a great day! Nancy

  2. I love the look of hand applique. Although I may not have time for it when I am busy at home or in my studio, I always try to take something along to hand applique when I am travelling.

  3. I have been mostly getting things done ...albeit not too much the last few years so no appliqué for me either. I do love the process so much though.....maybe a center block this year at least...or a border.

  4. Colleengonemad22 July 2011 at 15:44

    Linda, any hand work calms me mostly. I sometimes get frustrated that the process doesnt seem to go faster but it is nice to sit in one place with simple thoughts on my mind. Come over and we can stitch.

  5. I'm picking up embroidery again; maybe I will use it on my quilt tops - maybe not. But it's calming.