Monday, 25 July 2011


Shibuya Station, Tokyo

[Shibuya Station, Tokyo, credit:]

Two artists that I admire persevered in their craft and they did it with passion. Tadao Ando is a self-taught architect from Japan. He started out as a truck driver and then a boxer. Amazingly he never received formal architectural training. Much of his buildings are comprised of cast-in-place concrete but his use of space and light are extraordinary. 

Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art  효고현립미술관
[Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, credit:]
[Church of Light, Osaka, Japan]

The late Itchiku Kubota's devotion was amazing. Little did I know that an exhibit at the Smithsonian would affect me so much. I walked into, Symphony of Light, and was mesmerized by the kimonos of Itchiku Kubota. I cried because his perseverance touched me deeply.

Itchiku Kubota museum 1
[Itchicku Kubota Art Museum]

Both of these men had something in common that I could relate to in my pursuit of creativity. Passion. My passion drives me and it shapes the perspective from which I create. It doesn't matter what's right and wrong. All that matters is that it is my vision and my creation. What drives you and your art?


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  1. What drives my passion and art??

    Good question - considering I can go for months without doing anything creative.... and that makes me sad. But lately, and by that I mean months!! I have been finding myself 'allowing' myself to just 'do it'!! Like I was walking through the mall at Christmas, and in the window of an art/framing shop, I saw the only one picture in the window!! (yes, the window was full of things, but I only saw one!) and I took it home with me!!
    I am finding I am not so hesitant about things that grab my attention like I have been. If it makes me feel something, and I can, I bring it home.
    And that helps to stir up the creative side of me. Makes me feel safe or secure or okay even. And that picture - the polar bear wrapped in Christmas lights?? It is still up on my wall AND my daughter put it as my desktop picute on my comuter!! And I am still loving him and he still makes me smile and feel good - no great!!

    I love the architect - Tadao Ando!! that is BEAUTIFUL!! I really enjoyed this post. Thank-you.